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Please find below the list of North Herts council members and their contact details.

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The Council is composed of the following members.

Name Ward
Councillor Mrs A.G. Ashley (Con) Hitchin Priory
Councillor Alan Bardett (Con) Knebworth
Councillor D.J. Barnard (Con) Hitchwood, Offa & Hoo
Councillor Clare Billing (Lab) Letchworth Grange
Councillor Judi Billing (Lab)
(Leader of the Labour Group)
Hitchin Bearton
Councillor John Bishop (Con) Kimpton
Councillor John Booth (Con) Letchworth South East
Councillor P.C.W. Burt (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Waste Management, Recycling and Environment)
Royston Heath
Councillor Paul Clark (Lib Dem) Hitchin Highbury
Councillor Tricia Cowley (Con)
Councillor Julian Cunningham (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Policy, Transport and Green Issues)
Letchworth South East
Councillor Bill Davidson (Con) Royston Meridian
Councillor Faye S Frost (Con) Hitchwood, Offa & Hoo
Councillor Jane Gray (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Leisure)
Councillor Jean Green (Con) Royston Palace
Councillor Gary Grindal (Lab) Letchworth Wilbury
Councillor John Harris (Con) Baldock East
Councillor Simon Harwood (Con) Hitchin Highbury
Councillor Steve Hemingway (Con) Knebworth
Councillor Cathryn Henry (Con) Chesfield
Councillor Fiona Hill (Con) Royston Heath
Councillor T.W. Hone (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Finance and IT)
Letchworth South West
Councillor Tony Hunter (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Community Engagement and Rural Affairs)
Royston Meridian
Councillor S.K. Jarvis (Lib Dem)
(Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group)
Weston & Sandon
Councillor Sal Jarvis (Lib Dem) Chesfield
Councillor David Kearns (Lab) Letchworth Grange
Councillor Lorna Kercher (Lab) Letchworth East
Councillor Joan Kirby (Lab) Hitchin Oughton
Councillor David Leal – Bennett (Con) Hitchin Highbury
Councillor David Levett (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Planning and Enterprise)
Letchworth South East
Councillor Ben Lewis (Con) Royston Palace
Councillor Bernard Lovewell (Con)
(Portfolio Holder for Housing and Environmental Health)
Hitchin Walsworth
Councillor Sandra Lunn (Lab) Letchworth Grange
Councillor Ian Mantle (Lab) Letchworth East
Councillor Jim McNally (Con) Baldock Town
Councillor Alan Millard (Con) Hitchin Walsworth
Councillor Gerald Morris (Con) Ermine
Councillor M.R.M. Muir (Con) Baldock Town
Councillor Mrs L.A. Needham (Con)
(Leader of the Council)
Letchworth South West
Councillor Frank Radcliffe (Lab) Hitchin Oughton
Councillor Mike Rice (Con) Letchworth South West
Councillor Deepak Sangha (Lab) Letchworth Wilbury
Councillor Deborah Segalini (Lab) Hitchin Bearton
Councillor R.L. Shakespeare – Smith (Con)
Hitchin Walsworth
Councillor Adrian Smith (Lab) Hitchin Bearton
Councillor Mrs C.P.A. Strong (Con) Hitchwood, Offa & Hoo
Councillor R.A.C. Thake (Con) Hitchin Priory
Councillor M.E. Weeks (Con) Baldock Town
Councillor A.D. Young (Con) Arbury

The political make up for the Council is currently

Conservative (33 members)

Labour and Co-operative (11 members)

Liberal Democrat (5 members)

4 Responses to Council Info

  1. christine says:

    Wow! Fantastic list of councillors! So now we can email any or all our councillors with views on the developments!! Thanks Stephen!

    • Christine Watson says:

      The above list of councillors’ information is all up to date. Remember that emails are good because you can send one email to a whole group at once but letters sent to the councillors’ postal address are even more effective because they will arrive in their sack-loads and really attract attention!

  2. christine says:

    Above is the website for John Harris our councillor for Baldock East. His ward covers Clothall Common and right through this side of Baldock including ourselves. His information sheet In Touch offers updates on local happenings and alerts us of meetings which we could attend to put forward local issues.

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