Consultation Help


   This is a new page that we will collect response suggestions on. We will keep adding to it as we get your suggestions. Please email them to

  • The SRB consultation leaflet that is being distributed to all households. Thank you to every who has helped to distribute them. Please note that the email address for sending representations is
  • Here is a quick reference grid  to give you some ideas of what to include in your representation. This is not meant to be definitive, they are just suggestions but may help you to form your own points.
  • Here are some very good representation examples, which may also help! Representations do not need to be long or detailed. But they do need to make their points clearly
  • It is interesting to read the two additional documents referenced on the homepage about the north and south link roads that are proposed and the order in which the developments could occur
  • Message from a determined resident…Make sure your submissions are to the point and brief or they will not be read….Persevere…..Alternatively, send an e-mail!!!…..BUT DON’T GIVE UP.

“Today I made my submission to NHDC regarding the Local Plan.  The forms are confusing and complicated.  I persevered.  I thought long and hard about which criteria to tick. I persevered.  One of my submissions was more than 100 words long and so I was directed to summarise my point. I don’t think the original submission will be read. “