About SRB

The Save Rural Baldock Group (SRB) was formed specifically to raise awareness of the NHDC’s housing proposals and campaign for fair and reasonable local housing plans for Baldock.

It was started in March 2013 during the initial consultation period and worked within the Baldock community intensively during the 2014 / 2015 consultation, reaching out to as many sections of the community as possible to ensure that they understood the proposals being put forward for Baldock and the surrounding area and to encourage them to take part in the consultation process.

As well as an active website, facebook and Twitter campaigns, the group engaged with local people through public meetings, liaison with established organisations such as The Baldock Society and The Baldock Town Partnership, poster and leaflet distribution, market stalls, school presentations and a march which was attended by approximately 600 people. It also embarked on a local canvassing campaign, funded by some of the concerned local people, who generously contributed the necessary funding.

Once again Save Rural Baldock will be working to ensure that all residents are made aware of the contents of the Local Plan and encouraging everyone to make representations. Updates will be posted on media sites whenever new information is made known. Publicity events will be organised over the summer months. Information will also be posted on public notice boards and shop windows.