What can we do?

How can we influence the development plans for Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall ?

North Hertfordshire District Council are preparing a revised Local Plan for North Hertfordshire, including Baldock, Bygrave and surrounding villages. The plan will be stating the number and locations of houses that the council propose to be built in and around North Hertfordshire, including Baldock and Bygrave, up until 2031. It will include some high level policies about how those houses should be built and other planning issues, covering topics such as transport, employment, town centres, design and types of housing.

Now that the public consultation has been completed, if the Local Plan is approved by the Cabinet, it will be submitted to a Planning Inspector along with all the representations that have been made by local residents and businesses during this new consultation period. Representations that were made when the preferred options paper was published in 2014 will have influenced this new version of the draft plan but they will NOT necessarily be forwarded to the inspector.

Support the Neighbourhood Planning initiative

Residents, businesses and community groups of Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall can influence details of the type, location, mix and design of development, including enhancing the proposals that come forward through the NHDC’s Local Plan, although cannot affect numbers being allocated to the area.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a document that is created by local people that sets out planning policies for the local area. What goes into this plan is up to the local community. When it is complete, it carries the same legal weight as the Local Plan itself.

There are thousands of communities across the country that are in the process of setting up a neighbourhood plan for their area, so we are not alone.  If you would like to know more about Neighbourhood Planning please go to www.neighbourhoodplanning.org

A group has been formed to facilitate preparing a plan for Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall. It will seek to obtain views from as many residents and businesses as possible.  After extensive consultation the group will produce a Neighbourhood plan. It has a website www.bbplan.co.uk.

Register to join the Baldock and Bygrave Planning Group.

You can email us at info@bbplan.co.uk  or write to the Chairman, Rev Andrew Holford.

Please tell us your name, the address of where you live or the address of your business (if you are based in Baldock, Bygrave or Clothall) and an email address.

By joining the group you will be able to vote in elections of the members of the committee and you will be sent regular updates on progress. The more people from Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall that register to join the group the stronger we can make the case for the group to become officially recognised by the council to carry out the planning work.

Be assured that you will not be volunteering for work (unless you want to!) – just showing that you support the work of the group. This is really important as we need to be able to show that we are supported by the town.

 Volunteer to help

If you would like to, there will be many opportunities to get involved in some of the varied tasks the group will need to undertake and contribute your own knowledge and expertise in any relevant areas.

If you have or know of anyone who lives locally who has skills that may be relevant, please get in touch. If you are a local business with expertise or resources that you could give to the project we would very much like to hear from you.

Please get involved and help to make the plan truly representative of how the people of Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall want to see our community develop.