Email From Cllr Michael Muir

Subject: FW: Fwd: North Herts Council Local Plan Consultation

Hi All,

I have permission to forward this email on from CPRE and the Baldock resident who sent it to me. The consultation on the preferred options ends on the 6th of February at 5.00 pm. I have always made my emails to Baldock residents none political (information only ) but on this occasion this is so important to our Town. If you think we need to have 3591 extra housing in Baldock by 2031 please say so but if agree with everybody who has spoken to me except for the one and only person who said they were for these numbers YOU MUST respond and state your reasons against. All your emails and letters will handed to the inspector at the forthcoming PUBLIC ENQUIRY and he or she will have the power to refuse the local plan or throw parts of it out this has happened many times in England and twice in Hertfordshire SO IT’S NOT A DONE DEAL. I did vote against the preferred options going out to consultation because this is totally unacceptable for Baldock and Bygrave, as our planning department have not been proactive in talking land owners of non green belt land where most of this housing could go. Thank you for taking time to read this. PLEASE, PLEASE RESPONED. I have added some emails to my residents list if you don’t want to receive them please let me know.

Thank you and regards to all


Cllr Michael Muir Baldock Town Ward North Herts District council. Chairman licensing and appeals committee. Baldock and Letchworth East Division Herts County Council. Vice chair development control committee.


Hello Mike,

Just in case you are not aware of the CPRE response to the NHDC Local Plan, herewith for your information.

Best wishes

Colin Shaw

From: To: Sent: 30/01/2015 13:50:07 GMT Standard Time Subj: North Herts Council Local Plan Consultation

This is an alert to CPRE Hertfordshire Members and Supporters in North Herts District.

The deadline for replying to the consultation on the North Herts District Council Local Plan 2011 to 2031 is Friday 6th February. The Plan includes proposals for 14,200 new homes in the District, many to be built in open countryside in the Green Belt.

Our response to the consultation will be published on our website later today (Friday).

We hope that you will find this useful when considering your own response. You will see that we are not arguing the case for or against individual sites but are questioning the overall housing numbers which we believe are based on a flawed interpretation of national planning policy.

Further information is on our website – also see our Local Plan Action Checklist.

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  1. Peter Foxworthy says:

    Maybe SRB isn’t going to get to the people we need to get to; I would guess (hopefully I’m right here) that anyone who’s bothered about this issue enough to keep up with this website would naturally have already posted their views and objections. No, we need somehow to reach out to those who, through sheer apathy, haven’t bothered. What more can be done about this I’m not sure. Fliers through every door, The Comet and Herts Mercury have both highlighted the deadline, what more can be done?

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