Stop The Overdevelopment – By Martin Impey

Drawn by local artist Martin Impey


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2 Responses to Stop The Overdevelopment – By Martin Impey

  1. Christine says:

    What a wonderful cartoon Martin! You have absolutely hit the spot!

    Well they said it couldn’t be done, Baldock would never be roused into action to object to these plans but I think this morning showed they were wrong. The Councillors’ meeting was well attended. The protest march was a proud moment for Baldock. We’re not going to be ignored.

    Now all we can do is submit our views to the council offices by Friday 6th and also hammer home to all the councillors, NHDC and CC, and planners that there are very good reasons why this development should not go ahead.

  2. Rob says:

    Dear Mr Pickles

    As the consultation period has commenced.

    I would like to register my concern at the proposed development of Baldock, Herts.

    In essence I have three points which I believe have not been given adequate consideration in recent deliberations and decision.
    1. I believe that the council has not adequately/properly apportioned the current housing requirement over the local towns and am baffled by the disproportionate size of the development in Baldock.
    2. This seems to imply that in their deliberations the Council have taken a very narrow view and as such is not representative of the wishes of the constituents.
    3. This is a once and forever action and the implications will have far reaching effects and in Baldock particularly will increase the town size by some 80%. If this figure is applied to the other local towns you can see the development of a massive conurbation in N Herts which is unacceptable to us.

    Finally, we have note that the development concentrates on Green Belt land which is owned by the HCC and seems to imply a conflict of interest. The council will make serious profits by shoehorning the central government housing requirements into land owned by the council and as such seems not to be situating the right number of houses but by consideration of what is commercially better for them. This matter needs to be looked at separately and maybe by a disinterested commissioner.

    Yours sincerely

    Robert Warren
    Resident Baldock, Herts

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