Meeting Of The Council 27th November 2014

We may not have won the vote but we have made it clear this plan needs changing!

It was a fantastic turnout, one which we will need to repeat over the coming weeks/months.  Our placards, tractors and energy have been praised in the newspapers and we were proud to be there.  Thank you everyone.  If anyone has any photos of the protest or tractors or meeting itself do send them to so we can display them.  We were all just so excited we forgot!

The Council were amazed how many of us turned up, ably aided and abetted by supporters from Bygrave, Ashwell, Letchworth, Walsworth and others, we believe.

We will not be downhearted and nor, we hope, will you be.

Councillor Levett said the Preferred Options Plan was not a good one.  Several councillors said it was seriously flawed.  Public speakers from local groups agreed with this verdict and gave their own view on why the Council should reject the plan.  They didn’t.

He said it was not good enough to be submitted to Inspectors as the Local Plan. But Councillors voted this Preferred Option through to protect North Herts from “hostile” development and so that we, the public, can have our say.  And we will; we must.

It should never have come to this.  Councillor Levett should never have put forward to consultation a ‘not very good’ plan which he described himself as “making the best of a bad job”.

SO NOW IT’S DOWN TO US.  Consultation is December 18th to February 6th.  We will need to write, phone, discuss, debate, march, attend meetings but above all be creative because THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO HELP PLAN A BETTER NORTH HERTS WHERE WE WANT TO LIVE.

Keep an eye on the website and the papers and all the notice boards.  Be ready to react, to offer help like you have done before.

Good luck to us all.  And let’s not forget to enjoy Christmas in spite of all this.



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1 Response to Meeting Of The Council 27th November 2014

  1. Paul Davis says:

    I wonder if this will drag on the way the Hitchin Town centre plan did? One point Levitt mentioned at the meeting about Hitchin was mass planned development en-block does not work. He was pleased the council moved away from that option for Hitchin.

    So what is so different about Baldock? I cannot believe the stupidity of voting for a plan which from the planner’s own mouth is total pants.

    I understand Royston District council voted not to sell developers any land for development. Again what is so different about Baldock?

    I have heard today of the second person I know who believes this plan is inevitable so not wishing to live here anymore (after 17 years) put his house on the market, he (as I do) suspects house values and desirability will plummet once the new housing estate is under construction on Clothall Common.

    Plus don’t be excited about 40% affordable homes either. Bet it ends up at approx 20% of affordable non council tax paying homes as developers go back on agreements.

    It was an interesting insight on how councils work the other evening. The vote was always going to be in favour of the plan, in spite of councillors saying they did not agree with it. So why vote in favour??? It is blatant Hypocrisy

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