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NHDC Local Plan process

18 November 2014

Dear All,

Councillors were informed of the possible sites and housing numbers, on the day before the council’s press release only two weeks ago. There has been much work carried out in a confidential environment for obvious reasons,  ie the sites are commercially and financially sensitive and would be compromised if council planning officers were to have shared their work publicly in these early stages.

There is still much work to do, and the process will progress to the “preferred sites and numbers” following the cabinet meeting on the 25th, and then full council debate on the 27th of November at the leisure centre Baldock Rd Letchworth.

It is a fact that we as a council, are very reluctant to allocate numbers to many of the sites, and we are fully aware of the strength of Baldock residents feelings regarding this process.
Sadly we are forced to spread the numbers across the district, but the largest sites are around Baldock 3414  houses are still to build by 2031.

Government require numbers as instructed by the office national statistics,  this requires  all councils to achieve housing numbers, and many including  NHDC disagree with these figures required. The alternative would be not to produce a local plan, but this would put the council in a very hazardous position, where developers could insist on planning permission  to build any where in North Herts as we would not have a five year land supply this would be disastrous.

The decision of the full council on the 27th will be to publish our
“Preferred options” for the emerging Local Plan up to 2031.
This will then go out again to public consultation during December to the first week of February. The comments and observations from this will be collated and will permit the council to advance to a submission to a government inspector, where all residents can have their say for or against.  If the inspector finds our local plan fair and sound  we will be told in about the spring of 2017.

This will not be  “carte blanche” for developers to just go ahead and build. The district council’s planning policies and planning processes will have  to be adhere to and I suspect that there will be a degree of disappointment to developers who would deem to take advantage of identified sites.

I hope this helps you to understand the process, let me assure you all my Baldock colleagues and I who have the honour of representing the wish of our constituents,  will strive to achieve the best outcome for  BALDOCK  which may not make us the most popular councillors at NHDC , but I expect councillors from other areas to adopt the same attitude !!  If you can please come along on the 27th.

Kind regards Michael

Cllr  Michael Muir
Baldock Town Ward

North Herts District council.

Chairman licensing and appeals committee.

Baldock and Letchworth East Division
Herts County Council.
Vice chair development control committee.

Nook Barn,  North Rd,  Baldock, Herts, SG7 5DW.

Tel      01462 892222.
Mob   07909002631.

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