14/11/14 LATEST NEWS!

At the Full Council meeting on 27 November 2014 the Council will be asked to approve for consultation purposes the Local Plan Preferred Options paper. Subject to Council approval the documents will be open for public comment between 18 December 2014 and 6 February 2015. The Full Council meeting on 27 November 2014 will be held at 7.30pm in the main hall at North Hertfordshire Leisure Centre, Baldock Road, Letchworth Garden City.

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  1. Christine Watson says:

    Richard I agree totally. Have you any idea of the price per acre or hectare for building?

    • Albert Sillwood says:

      I popped into an estate agent in Baldock today, and received an estimate of £400k to £500k per acre for land with building permission.
      At 2.5 acres to a hectare, that would be £1m to £1.25m per Hectare.
      The 174 hectares would therefore be worth at least £174m to HCC.

  2. Richard Slatter says:

    FYI. Following sent to NHDC Councillors today, copy Comet.
    Subject: Profit over People

    The North Hertfordshire Draft Housing Allocations defined in the Press Release of 16th October 2014 have subjected Councillors to a huge level of criticism in the allocation of land for new housing.

    North Hertfordshire needs new housing but voters have a right to expect decisions to be based on a certain level of fairness in who takes the load and these proposals are transparently prejudiced in favour of County Council Profit over Baldock Resident’s interests.

    The facts are:

    • The announced expansion of our four major towns represents a percentage increase in size of: (Calculated from 1991 Census/2011 Census and Press Release figures)

    o Baldock 83%
    o Royston 15%
    o Letchworth 11%
    o Hitchin 5%

    • The land on which it is proposed that the Baldock housing is to be built is owned by Herts CC, who will make a huge (undisclosed) profit.

    To expect anyone to believe that these facts are not linked requires a more than generous attitude towards those making the decisions. Put bluntly, it looks as though Baldock is being wrecked so that County can profit from land sale.

    I believe that most people enter politics with a certain idealism and an intent to do the right thing. Voting in favour of the scheme as it stands is grubby politics and will leave a stain for a generation that will be remembered by voters.

    Please reject the scheme as it stands and seek a more equitable solution.

    Richard Slatter

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