It is vitally important that we continue to build on progress made !

“It is vitally important that we continue to build on progress made, so keep the letters and e mails going to all councillors, relevant council officers and the local papers.  We must remember that we are not against development in Baldock, which, if properly thought out, planned and implemented, will be of great benefit to the town; we are against the wholesale destruction of the character and nature of Baldock, doubling its size in a few years through the addition of settlements in the north and east of the town, which will add little, apart from people, cars and buildings and diminish the town centre by competing with it through the building of shopping centres within the settlement areas.


Our aim is to reduce the number of planned homes in Baldock by 2031 to a reasonable level and we believe that we have already been successful in making the planners think again.  Other land is available, in particular land to the west of the A1(M); the development of this would mean that the A1(M) would have to be widened, something that North Herts residents have lobbied for consistently over a period of years.  At this time, this road management scheme is NHCC’s number one roads priority, so it is important that NHDC is nudged towards including it as a preferred site for building on.  Other land, east of Stevenage is also available for development and should be included in NHDC’s plans, easing the burden on Baldock.


We must not be complacent, or think that ‘it is a done deal’.  If we do nothing, it will be a ‘done deal’, with Baldock getting many more homes built in its area than any other area of North Herts.  This campaign must continue until after the public consultation period in January, otherwise we will find all the ground we will have gained, being lost to other pressure groups.  Great job so far – keep it up!”

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