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We must keep up the pressure and even though we have been told nothing is definite and firm,  the meeting on 27 November can be influenced by a mass email campaign as this is the meeting that decides which plots of land are going to be used. We need to concentrate the emails to oppose the 45% of allocated houses to Baldock (that is the whole of Baldock) and the inequality relative to the other towns and villages in North Hertfordshire.

You will see below a list of the relevant email addresses and below that there is a button that you can click on to automatically fill in the email addresses (if you have an email program on your computer)


Chief exec of NHDC Council – david.scholes@north-herts.gov.uk

Leader of NHDC Council – lynda.needham@north-herts.gov.uk

Planning Committee Portfolio Holder – david@dlevett.co.uk

County Development Officer – derrick.ashley@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Senior Planning Officer – richard.kelly@north-herts.gov.uk

Chief Executive and Director of Environment at Hertfordshire County Council –

And copy (cc) to…

– MP keen to hear views of Baldock residents

– Michael Weeks

ayoungd7@gmail.com – Andrew Young

– John Harris

– Jim McNally

– Michael Muir


The Comet – news@thecomet.net

Advertiser – hertsad@archant.co.uk

Mid-Week Mercury – mercury@hertsessexnews.co.uk



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5 Responses to Objection letter emails

  1. Theresa Hurst says:

    I’ve noticed that some of the links to autmatically fill in email fields don’t always give the same names. In particular, clicking on the first link (to automatically fill in email fields) on the home page results in fewer names in the ‘cc’ box than clicking on the link at the bottom of the home page or on the link on this page. I thinks it’s the HCC names that are misssing. Also, is it appropriate/relevant to be emailing HCC members? I sent a letter by email and had a reply from Robert Gordon saying: “these are issues for the District Council (not the County); and I will leave it to members of North Herts DC to respond to your concerns in detail”.

  2. Marina says:

    “The site would contribute towards meeting the housing need of the district. There is unlikely to be a housing need within the existing settlements in this area to justify a development of this scale. However, this site could make a contribution towards meeting the potential housing need arising from North Hertfordshire or other towns in the housing market area.”

    This is the conclusion from the following article;


  3. Marina says:

    I found this on north herts website, please read. It is a study on how a large development on the proposed site would affect the community.


  4. Marina says:

    I have found some very useful articles which suggest that we can also contact the Secretary of State for Communities and local Government. I think it is important that we are not to be intimidated by NHDC and remember that local councils are there to represent members of the community.

    Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government – GOV.UK
    The Secretary of State is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Department for Communities and Local Government ( DCLG ). Main areas of …

    The coalition government were under pressure from CPRE:

    Campaign to Protect Rural England: Home

    And the National Trust to stop the decimation of Greenbelt land, and there is now an official framework which councils must adhere to when proposing any type of development;

    National Planning Policy Framework – Planning Practice Guidance
    National Planning Policy Framework … sets out the Government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied. … Search policy for.

    As the local community, we should be entitled to see that the Plans adhere to these guidelines as set out by the government. Thus far, I would suggest that we have not had access to detailed plans including all areas which will affect the community, and would suggest that we are given a lot more detail than a map with some shedder areas, and suggestions of a pedestrian bridge and a school.

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