Sir Oliver Heald QC MP – Concern over homes plan

Sir Oliver Heald has written to the Your Views page in the  Midweek Mercury 1/10/14

It’s good to know that we now have the support of our MP – it gives us hope that this unfairness will be rectified.  We won’t let this get put on the back burner – keep up the good work everyone who cares for North Herts!

Sir Oliver Heald in the Midweek Mercury

Sir Oliver Heald in the Midweek Mercury

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3 Responses to Sir Oliver Heald QC MP – Concern over homes plan

  1. Jean Taylor says:

    Baldock does not have the infra-structure to cope with the actual building work involved in this expansion, never mind the vast increase in population, traffic, public transport, water and sewerage requirements once completed. It would no longer be Baldock as we know it and would completely destroy our historic town. The area proposed would double the size of the existing town, and turn us into yet another village buried within a housing estate. The rail links into London are already struggling to cope, thanks to the very recent takeover by Great Northern !! Potentially doubling the number of rail commuters will require massive investment and upgrading of local facilities, adding further disruption to the environment. Parking in the town centre (including Tesco) is already at capacity again, and the new areas proposed are not within walking distance of the shops. Having built the bypass to free up the roads through Baldock, the expansion would just bring even more traffic back to clog up the village centre again, which is already happening.
    Keep it rural and historic.

  2. Albert says:

    Excellent comments from Oliver Heald re allowing the public (taxpayers & voters) to respond to the consultation regarding the proposed housing plan (for 4500 houses in Baldock) later in the year.
    In 2013 there was also a consultation period regarding the 419 houses north of Baldock. Many people responded on line and in writing. At the Baldock houses meeting on Sept 22nd 2014, it was intimated that the 2013 consultation responses were no longer valid and that the public need to raise their concerns again, against the 4500 houses in Baldock (419 houses in 2013). Hopefully many more people will respond this year, online and preferably in writing, to all the area’s councillors. Hopefully the number of houses will not increase again as a result of the 2014 consultation.

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