Concerns Regarding the Baldock Sewer System

After the Baldock housing meeting on Monday 22nd Sept 2014, a gentleman from Letchworth expressed his concerns regarding the Baldock Sewer system.
(he was an expert in the water industry) –

1. The capacity of the Baldock Sewage Pumping Station (at Ivel Springs) would need to double to accept the additional flow from 4500 houses. The pumping main discharges into a gravity sewer at the end of Croft Lane on the edge of Letchworth (in Norton).

2. The existing pumping main (from the Ivel pumping station) passes under Baldock Football Ground and crosses the A1(M) in ductwork within the motorway bridge, up to Norton. This pumping main would need to be greatly enlarged / duplicated.

3. From Croft Lane, Norton, the sewage flows via a gravity sewer to the Letchworth Treatment Works operated by Anglian Water, north of Standalone Farm. This gravity sewer facility would need to be greatly enlarged / duplicated.

4. The Letchworth Treatment Works (near Standalone Farm) would need to be enlarged to take the additional flow and loading plus the additional flow from the Letchworth enlargement. The time scale from initial planning to commissioning the additional plant is usually around ten years.

5. The discharge licence from the EA (Enviroment Agency) would require a new permit and has major implications for the discharge analytical standards for the flow to be discharged into the Pix Brook which affords very little dilution effect.

It is not feasable to build sewage treatment works within Baldock or the surrounding area to accomodate the proposed development areas.

Within Baldock, major trunk sewers would need to be constructed from the development areas direct to the sewage pumping station, involving potential river and rail crossings. It is not possible to tag on the new areas to existing foul sewers, the existing sewers would simply flood sewage to the surface.



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