Start some new petitions ?

It seems we have to fight for a town plan we can tolerate and if we want to speak at the council meeting we just need 120 signatures on a petition to get 3 minutes air time.

May I suggest we petition on the following grounds:
• It is just unfair that Baldock has been singled out for doubling in size
• If Luton has a problem Baldock is half an hour away and would solve none of that whereas Offley could easily be built up and I know someone with about 20 acres of land there who could easily sell it.
• There is no plan for reserving space for business to generate jobs rather than load trains to London with commuters. An extra 5,000 travellers just would not be possible in the rush hour. How about an aerospace science park in area E instead of houses.
• There is no plan for Odsey which I understand is just in S Cambs like it does not exist but it has its own railway station (Ashwell) so how did Ashwell get left out. Lots of access to transport for Cambridge. That could absorb a few thousand. Does the planner live there or something?
• The countryside needs have been completely ignored and I would be happy to run a petition to preserve the River Ivel which is a rare environment and is about to disappear if their plans come about. They could prepare a new vision of the town as a “Country Town” one where the countryside is integrated within the town so we can all enjoy it instead of looking inwards on one another and building on every square inch of the town. It could include an arboretum, a deer park a lake for children to fish all sorts of things. We could also bury the eysore of the old town dump which keeps pushing its way through to the surface.
• The historic aspects of the town have been ignored and particularly the Roman town has been ignored.
• The town has low crime at present and problems of increasing size more than local needs are bound to worsen this.
• The town plan is on prime agricultural land but because HCC own most of it, it is a plan of political expedience and convenience.
• The plan far exceeds local organic growth needs which means we will import problem people from other areas.
• We are not going to sit back and just let it happen to us peaceful objection could easily spill over into insurrection as it did with the by-pass action and be a source of serious bad news for politicians and the council.
• Any other ideas?
Clearly we have to act in unison and fast.

If you would like to start a petition with any of the above titles, please do so. Remember to leave a link to the new petition in the comments under this post so we can sign it and to avoid duplications.

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