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In July & August 2013, Baldock residents were asked to comment on the revised plans for an additional 147 hectares of land being proposed to allow a total of 3479 houses to be built north of Baldock.  The consultation period finished on 2nd August 2013, and a revised plan was due to be released for further consultation in January 2014.  It seems this plan has now been delayed until later in the year, possibly in the Spring.
I think it is important that we keep up the pressure for further objections to this development which would increase the number of houses in Baldock by 65%, from 5500 to 9000.  There is a Baldock Councillors meeting on Monday 3rd March, at the Community Centre, 7.15 for 7.30.
It may be useful to attend to ask if there is any update re the revised plans.
The Baldock Society ( ) have also arranged a meeting with the councillors for Thursday 15th May, 7.45 at the Baldock Community Centre.  Again it may be useful to attend this meeting and ask if there is any update re the revised housing plans.
In the Baldock Society’s September 2013 Newsletter (see their website for the newsletters), Michael Bingham gave a comprehensive response regarding the inadequacies of the land north of Baldock for the proposed houses.
Whilst it is excellent that the Baldock Society give a response to the building of houses to the north of Baldock, it is also essential that everyone (taxpayers / voters) give their own response to the Councillors and the NHDC planning department, to show the strength of feeling in Baldock against this proposed development.

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