Reply we have had from The Campaign For Rural England


CPRE Hertfordshire submitted a full response to the original consultation on 28 March 2013 which is on our website, and attached for information. Our single page response to the current consultation will be sent on Friday 2 August, and will refer to our original comments, and is likely to state that we will oppose major Local Plan housing allocations in the Green Belt, including the site north of Baldock, that are not justified by exceptional circumstances that outweigh the significant harm that would be caused.


The original reply that the quote refers to from The Campaign For Rural England can be read here. Local Plan Hsg Options CPRE Reps Final Mar13[3]


Thank you to Alison for her excellent work in obtaining this.

The Campaign For Rural England


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  1. Martin Impey says:

    Here is a direct quote from the BBC Domesday website – from 1986
    regarding Baldock the building and development of Clothall Common estate and the reassurances our Town was given –
    The last paragraph is particularly interesting –
    And then they wonder why there is apathy in politics!
    Greenbelt is sacred – please keep up the pressure.

    A large housing estate is now under
    construction on Clothall Common, land
    NE of the Clothall road. The
    associated increase in population
    required the construction of a new
    primary school.
    No housing estate development is
    allowed in other parts of the area,
    which forms part of the Hertfordshire
    green belt.

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