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From: Michael Muir [] Sent: 24 June 2013 20:22 To: undisclosed-recipients: Subject: LOCAL PLAN

Hi all,   Since my last email on the development of NHDC local development plan till 2031. Their has been 32 other parcels of land put forward in the whole of North Herts for consideration, this consultation will take place from the 5th of July till the 2nd of August but will not delay the programmed time table.

It is very important to remember that it  is us North Herts district councillors that decide on what land is adopted for OUR plan, not  land owners or other authorities.

The extra land to the east and north of Baldock most of it is owned by the county council and has been put forward by them but some of this land is owned by a local farmer and to my surprise my small holding is included as well, which I only found out about this afternoon.

The first consultation if all the land would be developed that would produce about 30,000 houses, the new 32 plots of land would give about 11,000 houses.  We need to build 10,700 by 2031 of which about 1200 have already been built. So we only need less  25% of the land that has been put forward by land owners and developers.

Please all look at the second consultation which will be on the councils WEB SITE by Wednesday this week and If you think that a total of 3500 extra houses around Baldock is way over the top please say so to our planning officers, so us councillors have your very important views.

I have added some more email address to my list if you do not want to receive these Baldock information emails please let me know.

All the best Michael


Cllr Michael Muir

North Hertfordshire District Council Baldock Town Ward

Hertfordshire County Council Baldock and Letchworth East Division

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