Large additional areas of land presented for potential housing!

A meeting was held by the NHDC Cabinet on June 18th, where large additional areas of land were presented for potential housing. The NHDC website gives minutes of the meeting, which included a report and appendices A1 to A5. It appears HCC is able to release a larger area of land extending further up the North Road, and east, almost to Bygrave south. This land has the potential for 3500 houses – a major development, much larger than the currently proposed 419 houses.

Report –

Appendix A – Part 1

Appendix A – Part 2

Appendix A – Part 3

Appendix A – Part 4

Appendix A – Part 5

Appendix A-1 gives a map of the additional land which could be made available north of Baldock. Appendix A-5 gives a map of all land held by HCC north of Baldock, which is even larger.

There is supposed to be a further consultation period in July, ending on Friday Aug 2nd, regarding the additional land. Cllr John Harris has provided details of a Consultation Meeting planned for Thurs 18th July at Knights Templar School, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. This may give further details of plans for the new land, and give some guidance as to how to respond to the July consultation, before Friday 2nd August.

link to NHDC Cabinet meeting minutes – eration=SUBMIT&meet=29&cmte=CAB&grpid=public&arc=71

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