Further damage to the Bygrave Rd junction with North Rd

this kind of damage happens almost daily now.

Note the Bell leaning back after being hit. This kind of damage happens almost daily now on the junction of Bygrave Rd and North Rd – The half bells are reset so often it has become the norm. This is a prime example of the towns infrastructure not coping with vehicles (and that’s before any further weight of traffic is potentially added to it). How long before this is someones pusher?

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  1. Albert says:

    Today the two very heavy bollards at the end of Bygrave road have been completely ripped from the ground. One is on the other side of the road, and the other has a warning cone placed over it.
    They were possibly ripped out by a large lorry turning into Bygrave Road.
    How one got to the other side of the road is a mystery.
    One possibility is a lorry too large to pass under the bridge reversed into Bygrave Road to turn around, and wiped out the Bollards.
    Other possibilities are large trailers carrying bales of hay, or large lorries going to the Upper Bygrave warehouses opposite the farm entrance.

  2. hughes says:

    I and my family have farmed both sides of railway four 4 generations, and I don’t want to loose the privilege of doing so. I can only agree with all of the comments left on this site ,but with the greatest of respect to all some of the comment on road safety can play into the hands of developers, who ever they my be!. Before I start my ramblings may I say all I have to say are just my own personal opinions, and observations. lets start with clothall commom , for drivers there is just one way in or out , most of the cars are heading for the A1or into town when the arrive at the roundabout on clothall road there faced with a choice, they either turn right and hit traffic lights were they have to wait . Obviously the best choice would be turning left and joining the bypass off of the clothall road, this cant happen because there wasn’t aloud to be a junction there, the reason being, the joining traffic would slow the moving cars and lorry’s down to much whilst climbing the gradient . A strange excuse when they eventually build a layby at the bottom obviously lorries leave there very quickly. so the best alternative at the round about is straight on into south road and onto the wait for it TESCOS roundabout were you will find the only fuel station left in Baldock . you may even be tempted in for fuel ,After all its a lot cheaper than White horse garage USED to be able to sell it at. After completion of the bypass powers that be who ever they may be decided theres far to much traffic and parking in the town, people stopping and enjoying the offerings and hospitality of a thousand year old town is just a nuisance. Lets change the traffic lights fill the high street in cut the parking employ traffic wardens, shut roads off that have been travelled on for millennia. infact lets Give the public what they want and push, sorry, encourage the cars south into that huge car park, were you could even decide to pop in and spend some hard earned wedge , this of course could just be paranoia of an oldish farmer who unfortunately has to welcome huge lorries onto his farm after being encourage to diversify into other activities. after all i couldn’t sell my produce at 1970s prices and make a profit if I didn’t, subsidy included. so I am very sorry for the heavy traffic on the poor infrastructure, I often wonder why that huge place at the top of the town pay us farmers 19 70 prices but charge 2013 tariffs in the shop, any way to conclude .governments of any persuasion are only interested in them selves, and logically to me if they did build all of the homes nation wide , that they want us to hear they are going to do , there would be nearly enough dwellings to go around. then house prices would plummet the financial institutions even after holding there hands out for printed money, there capitol would plummet thus completely busting the land we live in, now I cant see them wanting to do that. This only leaves me thinking who is really going to benefit from people and new homes needing dear food and Cheap fuel . any way these are only the thoughts of an overworked stock and arable farmer who doesn’t want to loose out on his watch a much younger and hopefully clever one wants to take over waiting in the wings !
    hopefully this is food for thought . hughes.

  3. christine says:

    And they have to reverse into that junction, Megan, heaven knows how. The central bollard often gets destroyed too.
    As to the distribution centre down Bygrave Road, where large lorries go, is that the ever-enlarging site on the right of the road on the way to Ashwell where the old house was demolished? I’ve been wondering what that is.

  4. Albert says:

    I have seen large articulated lorries turning into Bygrave Road which have difficulty negotiating this modified junction. It seems they are going to a new distribution centre, either along Bygrave Road, or in Bygrave itself.
    It is probable these large lorries have caused the damage to both sets of bollards at the junction. Is there be a weight limit to traffic along the narrow Bygrave Road.

    • Meg says:

      Also, the bigger lorries have to turn into Bygrave Road when they realise that they can’t fit under the bridge.

    • Albert says:

      There is a weight limit sign at the corner of Salisbury Road / Bygrave Road giving a 7.5 ton weight limit (except for loading).
      On Friday I followed a largish lorry along the Bygrave Road to Upper Bygrave, where it turned left into the two Large Barns opposite the Manor Farm / Church road.
      It was driven into the first barn, with another lorry parked outside. Took a photo but could not tell if the lorry was over 7.5t.

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