Hedge in the field north of Salisbury Road?

Did someone say NHDC / HCC were planning to plant a Hedge in the field north of Salisbury Road. If so, when and why?. Paid for by the Taxpayer?
(Originally from Albert on the comment page)

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  1. Albert says:

    Today I spoke to Bob Chapman of HCC (not Baldock Butchers). He said there are plans to build a hedge on the north boundary of the proposed houses, from North Road, eastwards to the Bygrave proposed houses. There will be investigations first to see if there are any archaeological remains. The draft plans have just been sent to NHDC, and he believes they should be available on the NHDC website at some stage. The plans are not set in stone, and could be subject to review / objection by residents to NHDC. The time scale mentioned was a year, but could change. He was not aware of any implications on the farming of this land.

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