Update on the petition to redesignate A507 to a B Road

Your help is needed to stop Baldock becoming part of the East-West route!

Please support the re-classification of the A507 (from Baldock Services Roundabout to the A10) to a ‘B’ road with a 7.5-tonne weight limit, except for local access.

Click here for an outline letter / email that you could use.

In December the County Council backed a bypass for Little Hadham, on the A120.  Councillor Terry Douris, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: ‘This will help motorists travelling east and west across the County’.

TRAFFIC THROUGH BALDOCK MAY INCREASE BECAUSE OF THE LITTLE HADHAM BYPASS, as improved roads attract more traffic.  HGVs and other vehicles leave the A120 and use the A507, travelling through Baldock as a rat-run to reach the A1(M) and beyond. 

Our petition to downgrade the A507 to a ‘B’ road with a 7.5-tonne weight limit (except for local access) will help to reduce inappropriate A507 traffic.  Nearly 1,200 petitioners signed, including 425 from Baldock, and public bodies representing a further 10,000 people also gave their written support.  The petition received initial unanimous cross-party support from County Councillors on 1 December.  On 7 March the Highways Cabinet Panel will make decisions on the petition, based on a report shortly to be written by Highways officers.  Now we need a final push!

Please don’t delay!  Now is the time to write or email to our County and District Councillors, asking them to keep up the pressure on Highways.

Here are some of the benefits of re-classification with a weight limit:

 With fewer HGVs, Baldock residents will feel safer when they walk along pavements, and drive, cycle or ride along the A507.

  • Fewer HGV strikes on Baldock’s Railway Bridge will result in fewer delays for commuters.
  • Satellite navigation systems will direct HGV through-traffic on to wider, straighter and more appropriate roads, making journeys safer for all.
  • Our road will be quieter, and Baldock’s houses on the A507 will not be shaken so much.
  • Fewer blockages will be caused by lorries on Baldock’s difficult crossroads.
  • The constant need for repairs of the road caused by HGV damage will be significantly reduced.
  • Fewer HGVs would use Baldock’s conservation area as a shortcut to the A505 Baldock ‘bypass’.
  • The cost of the necessary signage would be negligible in terms of road budgets.

 Reclassification with a weight limit will help to fulfil the targets of the County’s Rural Transport Strategy, including:

  • Reducing congestion
  • Enhancing accessibility
  • Increasing the number of walking and cycling trips
  • Reducing transport-related CO2 emissions and other pollution, and
  • Increasing road safety.
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