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This is a community message from your local District councillors about local issues.  It is not intended to convey any political message and is simply to bring you up to date on things happening in Baldock, that may affect you.  If you do not wish to receive this message, please respond to the sender, who will delete you from this mailing list.  Your local councillors are as follows:


Jim McNally                Baldock Town  

Michael Muir               Baldock Town  

Michael Weeks           Baldock Town  

Val Shanley                 Baldock East   



Community News Messages will be sent, from time to time, as information becomes available.  We hope that this service is of use to you.  If you need help in any relevant area, please contact your local councillor and we will try to assist as much as we can.




Update – Information regarding the Local (Housing) Plan


We understand that a lot of people have been unable to find the links to the draft plan and what was there was confusing.  Please see below for the latest information received from NHDC late this morning:

Members will have received the papers for the Full Council meeting on 20th July regarding the North Hertfordshire Local Plan.  This email is to advise that we have improved the resolution of the maps at Appendix 3 showing the emerging Local Plan Allocations.  These are referenced as ‘Appendix 3A – A0 size Map (West)’ and ‘(East)’ and can be viewed as part of the committee papers on the Council’s website at the following link.

We have also produced settlement-scale maps should Members wish to view the maps that accompany the Council Report at a more detailed scale. These maps can be viewed as part of the supporting evidence base for the Proposed Submission Local Plan at the following link on our website.

These are all referenced as ‘Emerging Allocations July 2016’ –‘ followed by the settlement name.’

We have also included on the same webpage a set of plans showing the various ‘Neighbourhood Centres’ at a higher resolution as included in the Local Plan Communities Chapter at Appendix 2 to the Full Council Report.

I have also been contacted by some people, who think that there is nothing that can be done to alter the plan now; this was said by some throughout the process, to date.  My answer is that originally it was proposed to allocate 4,500 homes to Baldock; that number (largely as a result of community pressure) has now been reduced to 3,436.  If people had not got involved, it is likely that the number allocated to Baldock would now be much more than 4,500.  Don’t fall at the final fence in the race!

The draft Plan, if it is recommended by Council on 20 July, will then be agreed by Cabinet in September and then there will be a six week period on consultation when members of the public can comment on the draft Plan.  This period will end in November when the Plan and comments submitted during the last consultation period only, will be referred to the Planning Inspector.

Further information will be provided tonight, including how you can get involved in the development of the Baldock & Bygrave Neighbourhood Plan.

With best wishes,

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