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As the article states we are not Nimbys. 

We fully expect and welcome our fair share of new houses in Baldock.
We and other members of the Baldock community, will try to work with the council to ensure that they are built as sympathetically as possible to minimise the negative impact on the existing town and create new communities with the opportunity to integrate with the town they are deemed to be a part of. 

What we are against is building so many houses in one place that it crushes the local community and threatens its livelihood. This was the case with the preferred option paper issued by the council last year.

We hope that the council will have taken on board the comments that local people have made and we look forward to seeing the revised plan in the New Year.

We understand that the council is now looking at the possibility of establishing a new settlement in the area, where community needs can be more fully addressed in the future. We welcome this move. However it is a great pity that it will not be in time to satisfy existing housing targets and we wonder why the council did not foresee that this would be a requirement before taking their current proposal to public consultation.

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