The NHDC Local Plan has now been passed to the Inspector.

Following lively debate at the public meeting on 11 April, councillors voted for the plan to be forwarded. 8 councillors voted against and there were 3 abstentions. General opinion of the meeting was that although the plan is very flawed, there is some hope that the Inspector will sort out what NHDC could not manage.

This view is well articulated in a recent letter from a councillor.

Councillors are divided on how to deal with a plan which, most agree, is badly flawed.   Councillor Jarvis’ explanation of why it should not go the inspectors was published in the Mercury and the Baldock councillors have explained their voting decisions, which were mainly in favour of passing the plan to the inspectors.

A Knebworth resident has given a heartfelt view of the proceedings of the meeting .

In the meantime, there is more that we can be doing to try to ensure that Baldock and the surrounding area develops in a way that enables it to thrive. 

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The NHDC Cabinet convened on Monday 26th September to discuss the proposed submission draft of the Local Plan 2011-2031. The Cabinet passed the proposed plan to Public Consultation which started on October 19th and ran for six weeks, closing on 30th November.

Seven members of the public  spoke to the meeting to voice their concerns about aspects of the plan, including a representative of Save Rural Baldock. 

Councillors spoke of the need for residents to send their views on the Local Plan to the NHDC during the consultation.  These will be sent through to the Planning Inspector so that they can assess all aspects of the plan.

Local councillors held a public meeting to discuss the Plan on Wednesday 9th November and SRB circulated and information leaflet to everyone in the town to raise awareness of the consultation as widely as possible.

NHDC have collated and summarised the results of the consultation

Consultation Statement

On 11 April 2017 councillors voted that the plan and consultation results should be forwarded to the Inspector.

We hope that the Planning Inspector will get to see all the comments that have been made and make a fair and reasonable assessment of how Baldock should develop.