Community Projects

It’s great that many of you are coming up with ideas of ways to let others know about the inequality of the housing proposals.

This is a community project and will have to be carried out by all of us, the community,
Its  simple:

  •  Share your ideas here
  •  Carry them out
  •  Tell us on the website about what you actually did and how it went
  •  Stay within the law
  •  Help others to act too

So if you have an idea like those here already

  •  Email the Prime Minister
  •  Take a petition door to door in your road
  •  Put up posters
  •  Give out handouts
  •  Email councillors and MPs
  •  Write letters to councillors and MPs
  •  Write to the papers
  •  Start your own related petitions
  •  Publicise this website
  •  Publicise beyond Baldock and make people aware of the position we are in
  •  Etc! The sky’s the limit

Carry it out and tell us. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

There is a downloadable poster and  a downloadable handout. Perhaps you could print some out for someone else to use. Robert provided a link to email to the Prime Minister on the COMMENTS page.   There are names and addresses on the COUNCIL INFORMATION page.


Don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us know what you are up to so that we don’t repeat ourselves;


24 Responses to Community Projects

  1. Alan Gordon says:

    I’ve delivered the latest leaflets to Barley Rise, Ringtail Close and Maltings Close.

  2. Clare H says:

    Flyers delivered to Rivett Close, Weavers Way, Mercia Road, Downlands and part of Wynn Close but run out of leaflets now and another 7 roads to cover. Does anyone have any spare flyers? Clare H

  3. Clare H says:

    I put petition in Community Centre last week, monitoring this and taking the signatures to the Post Office. Will be delivering flyer to Iredale and Jeve Close this weekend. To avoid duplication do you have a list of the remaining roads that need flyers on Clothall Common?
    Christine’s idea of a gathering in the town sounds a great idea(25/9/14). When could we do that?
    Clare H

  4. michael balls says:

    On hillcrest each house has been visited and mostly all residents have signed the downloaded petition. These have been handed in.

  5. Alan Gordon says:

    I’ve just put leaflets through doors on Chauncy Gardens and Merchants Walk.

  6. Christine says:

    Have just put handouts on vehicles in Whitehorse and High Streets. I spoke to quite a few and was amazed at the number who didn’t know about the potential housing. Clearly we need to talk to people more as well as give out leaflets. Several Bygrave, Hinxworth, Ashwell people hadn’t realised the situation and that it could impinge on them. So keep spreading the word.

  7. Clare H says:

    Is anyone on Clothall Common interested in meeting up to co-ordinate our efforts of leaflet deliveries and help me with petition in this area? Just leave a message and I will check this site again early next week.
    Clare H

  8. Mark Goddard says:

    Hi There
    I am producing some A4 & A3 bright/luminous Posters to go either in peoples windows or on boards in their gardens. The poster tell residents that Baldock needs them to petition NOW!
    If you want some of these to pass around to your neighbours let me know. I am getting 100 of each printed to start, but will get as many as is needed.

    The message will be clear to the Town within the next week or so!

    The design is currently with a designer and should be ready and printed by next week.

  9. Adrienne Waterfield says:

    I am printing small (but bright!) handouts to give out on the approach to the station tomorrow morning. Please let me know if anyone would like to join me. I plan to start about 7am to catch the commuters.

  10. Alan Gordon says:

    I have a printer (black and white, but clear – although colour probably has more impact) and now I have some more toner. I live on Barley Rise – any good?

    • Shelley Brantigan says:

      That would be great, thank you. Are you able to message me on Facebook to safely share your address and arrange a time for me to collect/drop paper?

  11. Alan Gordon says:

    I have just put leaflets through doors on Barley Rise. On Barley rise we are right next to one of the large areas of proposed development (B/r12), which is more than half the size of the existing Clothall Common – a quite staggering growth in size of Clothall Common, but made to seem comparatively small(!) by the astronomical size of the proposals to the north.

  12. Clare H says:

    Hi Admin,
    Should the signatures on the petition come just from Baldock or can people outside the area also sign. The paper petition asks for address and postcode. Will check with Police that okay to do petition as has been suggested permission may be needed.
    Anyone interested in helping on Clothall Common?
    Clare H

    • admin says:

      There is no requirement to obtain permission to get people to sign a petition at all; if in the street, the only thing is to make sure that no obstruction is being caused, Addresses are important to prevent double counting, but not a problem if people don’t want to give theirs; postcodes are important to show breadth of support.
      It is good that people outside Baldock are prepared to sign – the more the better, as it demonstrates that this is not just a ‘local’ issue.

  13. Alan says:

    I leafletted Bush Spring yesterday 26/9/14. Hopefully apathy won’t prevail, everyone should play a part as opposed to moaning endlessly when it’s too late.

  14. Christine Watson says:

    I have put a poster and handouts in the Community Centre and Days the bakers and given some to a lady in Orchard Road. Awareness in Clothall Common still seems scant so a few more posters and handouts there would be great, but also nearer to the town centre if possible.

  15. Clare H says:

    I can post the flyer in some of the roads on Clothall Common and will give info to the shop. I would also like to start a house to house petition if some of the other posters in this area would like to get together and help me. We can then explain to people about the proposals for housing across the whole town.

  16. sarah scott says:

    I will be printing out some leaflets and delivering them to Bygrave Road, Upper and lower Bygrave, I did think this weekend but it will be Monday and Tuesday as low on Ink!

  17. Alison Magee says:

    Thanks Paul and Judi – excellent posters. I can do Larkins Close tomorrow some time. Will also display in our cars.
    What do folks think about doing something in the town, either handing out leaflets or some sort of peaceful demonstration/procession.
    (I think we would have to have permission from Tesco to stand outside the store with leaflets…)

  18. Paul Davis says:

    We will be distributing the flyer to Eisenberg Close and Rye Gardens … for a start!

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