School run – under the railway bridge

Note how close to the edge of the path the pusher wheels are.

Note how close to the edge of the path the pusher wheels are. I nearly lost my head on the wing mirror of a truck while taking this picture.

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3 Responses to School run – under the railway bridge

  1. Sylvia James says:

    Agree completely with previous comments on danger in North Road. As an elderly but fit and active person I frequently have to wait for oncoming vans and lorries to pass under the railway bridge before I feel safe to venture through. I have seen lorries stuck under the bridge with the consequent disruption to traffic. My great concern is for parents and young children both coming through the bridge, and from the footpath to Larkins Close. There are no safety barriers on North Road and these dangers will be greatly increased by even more heavy traffic to and from any permitted building work, even before additional residential areas are occupied.

  2. Emilie James says:

    Yes fully agree. We must say no to the housing plans because increased houses, means increased population, increased pedestrians, increased traffic and increased chance of accidents passing under this dangerous spot, which we have been told is too narrow for safety rails. The path isn’t wide enough under the bridge to walk holding both of my children’s hands. I always feel a sense of danger walking along this road and under the bridge every time I use it.

  3. Donna Cotterell says:

    It’s even worse if u meet someone coming the other way too. Someone normally ends up walking in the road!!!!

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