New public consultation 3 Jan to 4 Mar 2019

Over the last year, the Local Plan for North Herts has been examined by an Inspector. This included an opportunity for representations to be heard from the members of the public. SRB took part in these in February and March 2018 when Baldock was being discussed.

The Inspector has now issued some suggested ‘main modifications’ to the Plan. These are now on the NHDC website:

There are two key points that everyone in Baldock should be aware of

  1. BA1 ( The area North of the Railway) remains in the Plan.
  2. There is a proposal to extend the boundaries of site BA3 (east of Clothall Common) to embrace all of the land up to the Baldock bypass/Royston road interchange – i.e. the area of open space where spoil was deposited following the building of the bypass. This may be in order to add some flexibility to the alignment of the link road, but it opens the door to enable housing to be extended right up to this boundary.

Original plan….
Revised plan….

We will be objecting to this additional land being made available for housing as

  1. it is raised above the height of the surrounding land making any building  more prominent relative to the surroundings
  2. the land is used by many residents of Clothall for recreation

If the intention of the council is to use this land for building link roads then this could be achieved by assigning the land as “Urban Open Land“. This would not permit an option to build housing on the land. 

Here are some details that may help you to object in a way that aligns with the Local Plan format.

object to main modifications 207, 208 and 409 (changes to allocations BA3 and BA4, and supporting text) for these reasons:

  1. The changes are not effective, as they do not provide clear guidance on the appropriate extent of development in this part of Baldock.
  2. As a result, the changes conflict with national planning policy because they could allow:

– a much-used area of open space to be lost or eroded, without replacement provision (and this open space which will be needed more than ever with the housing proposed in the local plan)

– building on potentially unstable land, as this area is formed from rubble excavated during the building of the Baldock by-pass

– development on rising ground that would be of poor design, especially in relation to its surroundings

  1. It is not justified, as showing this entire area as housing is unnecessary to allow the housing and related infrastructure proposed in the submission local plan to go ahead.

The ‘white land’ that was left unallocated in the submission Local Plan should instead be designated as ‘urban open land’, which would safeguard its primary role as open space.

You have until March 4th  to inform NHDC of your objections either

Neighbourhood Planning Group

You may also like to look at the website for the Neighbourhood Planning Group, which is compiling  some policies that relate to issues of particular relevance to Baldock and the surrounding villages. With your support, these policies can be ratified by the NHDC and sit alongside the Local Plan when Planning applications are being made.

Please see their website